Get Involved

The success of the Biomimicry Chicago Network relies upon the energy and interests of our members. We are always looking for people who are interested - people who might want to simply learn more about biomimicry, who want to lend a hand to our growing movement, who are passionate about innovation and design, and/or who are invested in creating a regenerative future.

Please explore the current opportunities listed below for you or your organization to become involved in our network activities, from attending one-time events to joining on-going working groups. And of course, always feel free to reach out with questions and ideas!

- Rachel & Amy, Co-Leaders, Biomimicry Chicago

Current Opportunities

Summer iSites

Get outside this summer and explore nature through a biomimicry lens. Visit our Events page to learn more.

Network Happy Hours

Join like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds in our Thirsty Thursday happy hour series. A new series begins September 21st! Check out our Events page to learn more.

Deep Roots Initiative

Biomimicry Chicago is working with a wide variety of stakeholders to develop our Deep Roots Initiative. We can't do it alone! We are actively looking for individuals and organizations interested in contributing to this game-changing effort. Learn how you can help in the section below!


Volunteer your time, ideas or space! We are always open to help with any of the following:

    • Organize network meetings
    • Host a happy hour!
    • Social media
    • Tell us your ideas for partnerships, activities, speaking and project opportunities - check out some of our ideas below!

Deep Roots Initiative - Join us!

Join a fantastic network of individuals, companies and non-profits representing diverse experience and knowledge about our communities, local and regional initiatives, funding sources, potential case studies and biological genius. For all stakeholders we will provide opportunities to learn and practice the biomimicry methodology and make new connections within our multi-disciplinary network of passionate professionals.

Whether you are an individual or organization, we have several opportunities for you to contribute to our Deep Roots Initiative described below. If you are interested in any of these opportunities we will ask you to:

    • Meet with us to determine synergies
    • Let us list you as a member of our network so that other stakeholders can know to contact you with questions and opportunities
    • Contribute your expertise and skills in work creation
    • Tell your friends and colleagues about our effort!
    Advisory Board
    Working Groups
    Case Studies
    Tool Development
    Gatherings with a Purpose

    Who Should Join?

    The biomimicry innovation process thrives when diverse teams come together to solve a problem. Toward that end, we are bringing together a diverse group of architects, biologists, designers, engineers (civil, industrial...all kinds!), developers, municipal workers, landscape architects, contractors, students and educators, planners, and economists to explore how our built environment can learn from nature to foster a healthy life for all of its inhabitants.

Opportunities to Collaborate

We envision a variety of pathways to collaborate with others in our region. Let us know your needs, interests and ideas, and we'd be happy to meet to identify synergies. Potential avenues for collaboration include:

    • Partner with local universities and corporate sponsors to design and facilitate a series of events centered on local solutions to the Biomimicry Institute Global Design Challenge. This year’s challenge is centered on climate change with a $100,000 prize to the prototype round winner
    • Partner with local design firms and trade groups to develop solutions to a particular challenge, such as energy conservation, CO2 sequestration, water treatment, and resilience to climate change
    • Partner with local non-profits to assist them in solving a particular challenge they are facing using the biomimicry methodology
    • Partner with local institutions to investigate and showcase the local genius on a particular site
    • Partner with local research institutions to develop biomimicry-based educational tools and exhibits
    • Develop teaching materials for educators to share nature's lessons with the next generation
    • Commission artist projects that engage the public hearts and minds