Working Groups: Process

Working groups will go through a 6-week process focused around their category of functions (water, biodiversity, community connections, materials or carbon & climate) that includes the following:

    • Free biomimicry Discovery methodology training
    • Discovery research and abstracting of nature-based design principles to create a BioBrainstorm card
    • Share findings and inspire creative solutions at a Design Jam! event

Explore each of these activities below, including an estimated timeline for when each group will be active. 

Biomimicry Training

At the beginning of each working group's process, Biomimicry Chicago leaders will provide a free 2-hour training on biomimicry, with a specific focus on the Discovery phase.


Develop a BioBrainstorm Card

Each member of a working group has the opportunity to practice what they learned at the training by developing a least one Biomimicry Chicago BioBrainstorm card that provides a nature-based solution to an ecosystem function challenge. Each Working Group Member will be requested to:

Host a Design Jam! Event

After the working groups complete their work, they will host an event called a Design Jam! to give network participants the opportunity to learn about the natural strategies the working group discovered and use their design skills and creativity to discover new ways of thinking about challenges in the built environment. Visit our Design Jam! site for more information.

Timeline of Events

Check out our estimated timeline for our working groups and overall Deep Roots Initiative. 

We anticipate the following 6-week schedule for each working group.

    • 4-6 weeks before Design Jam!: Biomimicry Training
    • 2-3 weeks before Design Jam!: Working group members submit their draft BioBrainstorm card(s) to the Category Leader.  Category Leader and Mentor will provide feedback.
    • 1 week before Design Jam!: Format and print cards
    • Design Jam!: Working groups hosts Design Jam! event!
    • After Design Jam!: Submit cards and ideas generated at the Design Jam! for upload to the beta tool.