At Biomimicry Chicago, we learn from nature to help you evolve your designs to not just reduce your impact, but catalyze our transition to a regenerative future.

Our services, based on the biomimicry methodology, provide access to Life's time-tested treasure trove of knowledge to generate innovative life-friendly solutions. Whether you are looking to use a new innovation tool to solve a challenge, introduce your company to biomimicry, train your team on the biomimicry process, or evolve your organization towards life-centered design and operations,  Biomimicry Chicago is here to help.

Our Services


Looking to introduce your team, organization or school to biomimicry? We provide speaking services for public and private audiences, including presentations, panel discussions, facilitation and academic lectures. Topics range from an Introduction to Biomimicry to content tailored to your needs. 


Central to the successful implementation of biomimicry is gaining an understanding of the practice. We provide 2-, 4- and 8-hour Introduction to Biomimicry practice workshops tailored to your challenge(s).

In addition, we provide half- and full-day workshops to help teams think outside the box and learn valuable nature-based design principles to guide Organizational Change, Resilience Strategy, and Catalyzing Change. 


Our consulting services are based on using the biomimicry methodology to discover innovative solutions to design challenges in any industry. We can help you at any stage of a project - goal setting and strategy, scoping, discovery (biological research and translation), creating/implementation, and evaluation. 

In addition, as our Deep Roots Initiative evolves, we can help your team embed Deep Roots thinking, process and evaluation into your built environment and community projects.